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Canine Raw Feeding Explained eBook

A Practical How-to Guide to Feeding Your Dog a Balanced Nutrition Plan

Canine Raw Feeding Explained is an in depth examination of the canine species to assist pet parents to make educated decisions for how best to feed their dogs. Additionally, and most importantly, this ebook is a step-by-step guide to creating balanced raw nutrition plans. Canine Raw Feeding Explained outlines all of the essential nutrients required by the domestic canine species including nutrient functions and importance. A basic working knowledge of nutrition is vital to assisting pet parents to making the best decisions for their dogs’ particular nutrition needs and health maintenance.

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About Kimberly Lloyd


Kim is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Doctor of Holistic Nutrition, Naturopath, professional Holistic Animal Healer, Energy Healer/Usui Reiki Master, and Certified Canine Raw Food Nutritionist. Kimberly holds a doctorate (PhD) in Holistic Nutrition and Naturopathy. 

Kimberly Styn Lloyd

Customer Testimonials

My female shepherd and I are more than grateful to have found Kim! I had fed raw since the day my shepherd pup came home but it was unbalanced.
I consulted with a nutritionist prior to finding Kim that had left nutritional holes in the recipe and included proteins that don’t always get on well with shepherds.
Kim took her time to educate me on breed specific nutrition as this is my first time owning a shepherd dog!
I am so happy to say my shepherd’s issues that we were struggling with (itching, fur loss, imbalances) are GONE. She is healthier than ever, full of energy and enjoys her food at 2 years old and it is all thanks to Kim!
DIY raw can be overwhelming and working with Kim has made it so easy and manageable! Plus she is an amazing human being that always has answers. I recommend her to every person I come across!

Sarah R

Finding the holistic canine and deciding to go with a custom recipe from her was the absolute best decision for our miniature pinscher,who at the time was only 11 months old dealing with struvite crystals and chronic bladder infections believed to have started from a vaccine injury and in combination with a cereal based dog food. RX diet didn’t help him either. After starting him on this custom food plan his issues dramatically reduced and by 1 yr were almost nonexistent. Now it’s been 2 yrs and although we did have to refine his recipe some,which was super easy with Kim’s guidance he has absolutely zero issues now!
If you’re on the fence jump because the health benefits your animal will gain are so worth it! She provides all the necessary resources to help you source all ingredients provides alternatives and is always willing to answer your questions as well.
We are so grateful for Kim she quit literally saved our pups life and all it took was me knowing there had to be a better way then the vet route with RX food & my own research led me to her.

Jenni M