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What is Holistic Canine About? Is it right for my pet?

It is our objective and purpose at The Holistic Canine to cultivate radiant health and vitality within the modern canine through nutrition and holistic health education, support, and personal services tailored to you and your dog.

My Approach

One of the best approaches to a carefully crafted species-appropriate nutrition plan is to follow a nose-to-tail prey approach.  The Holistic Canine believes in and follows the ancient practice of feeding “like part” to nurture and initiate the healing of the gut, a specific organ, organ system, glands, bones and joints, heck….any and every body part. When the whole prey animal is fed, nutrition is ideal and complete.

Honest Results

Nutrition is our specialty and our passion. We serve each pet as an individual and tailor our services specifically to their needs only. We never follow a blanket approach nor do we have only “one way” of creating nutrition plans. If you want an optimum nutrition plan for your pet, The Holistic Canine is here to serve you and your pet’s specific and individual nutrition needs!

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You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Canines are facultative carnivores meaning they require a prey-based diet rich in nutrients from raw meat, organs, bones, hide, and connective tissues along with a smaller percentage of nutrient-rich extras such as eggs, fish and other seafood, seaweed, algae, herbs, and even spices. Felines are obligate carnivores thus a prey diet should not be an option, but a necessity.

Customer Reviews

Shortly after coming across The Holistic Canine Facebook group, I decided to purchase recipes from The Holistic Canine aka Kimberly. Best decision ever! I was in the beginning of my raw feeding journey, and I had no clue how to balance meals to make sure Raja was getting all his nutrients in. It was not an easy process because of his sensitive gut. She constantly had to tweak his recipes to suit his little body. Kimberly was BEYOND patient with us while trying to figure it all out. She was always helpful, and she still is anytime I need to change something in his diet! A person that genuinely cares about animals like that is extremely rare. She truly wants to help animals thrive, and I’m ever so grateful to have found her! Her knowledge of species-appropriate foods for animals is commendable. You can trust her 100%. Thanks to Kimberly, Raja is doing great! Plus, I now have an amazing friend!

Dhruvi P.

If anyone is considering getting custom recipes from Kimberly, I highly recommend you do it! We’ve gotten one for each of our dogs now and it has eased my mind and taken the guess work out of giving them the best nutrition possible. She really took the time to cater the recipes to their unique needs and answered all my questions. My pups and I are so grateful!

Danika S

My experience working with Kimberly Lloyd to feed my dogs raw has exceeded my expectations. I have a pure bred Siberian Husky and I also had an Alaskan Husky mix. This diet truly helped my Husky mix live longer than he should’ve. He was diagnosed with renal disease back in 2022 with the help of fluids, meds and supplements his disease was being managed. In 2023 I was noticing that it was getting more and more difficult to get him to eat so I started doing research and tried a few different things that would work for a little bit, then would fail. Finally, I started researching raw feeding and decided to give it a try. I didn’t know where to begin until I found Kimberly Lloyd owner of The Holistic Canine. I was able to meet Kim in person and she got to meet my boy with renal disease and that’s when our journey with raw feeding began and I have never looked back. My boy lived almost a whole extra year after switching him to raw diet, and during that time I didn’t have a problem getting him to eat which was a relief. Throughout this process Kim has been available to answer any questions and has helped me make adjustments to help fit both of my dogs needs. Because of what I’ve learned about raw feeding from Kim, I will never go back to feeding my dogs over processed kibble.

Denise W

My female shepherd and I are more than grateful to have found Kim! I had fed raw since the day my shepherd pup came home but it was unbalanced. I consulted with a nutritionist prior to finding Kim that had left nutritional holes in the recipe and included proteins that don’t always get on well with shepherds. Kim took her time to educate me on breed specific nutrition as this is my first time owning a shepherd dog! I am so happy to say my shepherd’s issues that we were struggling with (itching, fur loss, imbalances) are GONE. She is healthier than ever, full of energy and enjoys her food at 2 years old and it is all thanks to Kim! DIY raw can be overwhelming and working with Kim has made it so easy and manageable! Plus she is an amazing human being that always has answers. I recommend her to every person I come across!

Sarah R

I have long wanted to feed my dog a raw food diet, but the information I found online was overwhelming in sheer volume and the differences of opinion. I was also nervous that one small oversight might mean a nutritional deficiency with potentially life-threatening consequences. And then I found Kimberly Styn Lloyd. Kimberly is personable, wicked knowledgeable, and a great hand-holder if you (like me) do well with that kind of thing. I was able to reach out to her after our initial consultation if I had questions. Not only did I get a simple-to-follow template, but Kimberly also helped me to feel comfortable trusting myself if something needed to be tweaked a bit. I cannot recommend her services and support highly enough. Don’t hesitate! Your pet will love you even more.

Ravani L

Even though I have many years experience feeding 5 Collies prey model raw, I had no experience feeding raw to puppies. Kim helped me tremendously. She formulated natural supplements to match my choice of feeding ground, because I have no access to all of the prey that I would need for a puppy because of my location. Kim answered my many, many questions. The time and money I spent on consultations were invaluable. Her fee for consultations is more than reasonable, she is a wealth of knowledge, right off the top of her head. I would recommend Kim to anyone considering or currently feeding raw. I used another nutritionist when I first got my puppy, but she demanded I feed him as an omnivore. I firmly believe dogs are carnivores and Kim explained to me that dogs are facultative carnivores. I know I can count on her to have an answer. My puppy is thriving!

Candace V

SO GLAD I FOUND HOLISTIC CANINE! I came across this website while I was desperately searching the Internet for a nutritionist that specialized in dogs. After reading about Kimberly and through the information on her website, I decided I had nothing to lose and contacted her for a consultation. She was extremely thorough, and I learned more about his diet issues than I had with our regular and holistic vets. I also ordered a menu plan that was designed specifically for my Rottie and his issues, and it came with a comprehensive work up and easy to follow menu. She’s been super responsive with any follow up questions I’ve had. I look forward to putting this menu plan into action. I was so impressed that I have recommended her several times already. I truly don’t think there’s anyone else out there with her background and knowledge, and I feel grateful to have found her.

Becky M

I couldn’t recommend The Holistic Canine highly enough. I searched many nutritional sties before deciding to take professional advice from Kimberly. It is without doubt the best investment I made for our dog FIA. I found the service pricing extremely reasonable . Fia is 7 years old now and thriving since her transition to raw! We constantly get compliments on her healthy coat and condition with many in disbelief that she is now 7 years old. The Holistic Canine is highly professional and offers a Facebook advisory/discussion page. This has brought further comfort and it offers a wonderful community spirit all focused on ultimate pet health. I have recommended Kimberly to many and will continue to do so in the future.

Ciara (International Client, Ireland)

Our Services

Once we have received your request for service, you will receive via email The Holistic Canine’s Client Intake form. Completing this form and returning it to us promptly will get you on the schedule for your requested service. The Holistic Canine looks forward to serving you and your pet!

Our Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions About Raw Feeding

Learn How it Works!

Is raw feeding safe for pets?

If you hire a professional such as The Holistic Canine to create a balanced meal plan according to the NRC and AAFCO nutrition standards (or are educated in raw feeding and can appropriately balance your pet’s meals) along with safely handling raw foods followed by washing surfaces and pet dishes, AND only offering appropriate RMBs to your pet, then YES, raw feeding is a safe and healthful nutrition option. More and more veterinarians are becoming open to raw feeding. Some veterinary offices even offer raw meal plan services.

Are cooked diets a healthful option?

Yes! While raw diets are the most natural option and avoid ingredient adulteration via the cooking process, a cooked diet is still a healthful option as long as the diet is properly balanced in accordance with NRC and AAFCO nutrient standards and requirements for pets. Cooked diets cannot include bones unless the bone is offered raw in the form of a raw meaty bone. Pets best suited for cooked diets are immune compromised pets, pets on immune suppressant drugs, pets with gut damage or injury, elderly pets with a history of disease, and those with pet parents who do not feel comfortable feeding raw food to their pets.

How hard is it to source raw food ingredients?

Depending on the ingredients you plan to feed as part of your raw diet plan, sourcing can be easy or more challenging. Many pet parents are able to source most or even all of their needed ingredients in grocery stores, discount stores such as Walmart, International markets, local farms and farmer’s markets, butcher shops, and even through hunters, from their own hunting excursions, or through meat processors. For more difficult ingredients, many pet parents order through local or online raw food suppliers. In many areas around the United States and in other countries, pet parents will come together and create local co-ops that help to share the cost of raw food ingredients and shipping. Raw feeding has become very popular worldwide making sourcing ingredients much easier than it was just 10 years ago. 

What are the benefits of feeding a raw food diet?

The benefits of species-appropriate raw feeding are numerous! Pet parents who transition their pets to a raw meal plan will often notice positive changes after just one week on a fully balanced species-appropriate raw diet. The following are benefits your pet may experience.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Body fat loss
  • Noticeable muscle development
  • Increased strength
  • Increased energy
  • and more..
Can you feed cooked bones to pets?

NO! Cooking bones causes the bone to become harder and more brittle. Exposing bones to heat makes the bone potentially very dangerous and thus cannot be fed to pets. Cooked bones can splinter into sharp pieces when chewed by a pet. Cooking also makes the digestibility of the bone more difficult. What happens if your pet swallows a cooked bone that has splintered? The bone will enter their stomach to be digested, but it may not be adequately softened and broken down before passing into the small intestine. If a cooked bone shard passes into the intestinal tract, the bone can puncture your pet’s organ. This will require emergency surgery. NEVER feed cooked bones to your pet. The risk of injury is far too great to take a chance.

Is raw feeding expensive?

Species-appropriate raw feeding can be expensive if you want the absolute best quality organic grass-fed, pastured, and wild-caught meat, organs, fish, and eggs. It can also be very cost effective, costing far less than premium kibble if you shop sales and at discount stores, or if you are able to find free or low cost ingredients from processors, hunters, farmers, and butchers. Homesteaders and farmers often raise their own livestock to feed their pets. The expense of raw feeding depends wholly on your sourcing potential and choice of ingredients. Whatever your budget, raw feeding is an option for nearly every pet and pet parent.