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Science-based species-appropriate nutrition along with tried and true natural health care practices defines The Holistic Canine. The Holistic Canine prioritizes your pet’s health and wellbeing. We offer numerous services that cater to your pet’s needs.

Phone consultations are an excellent choice to chat one-on-one about your pet, their history, and their nutrition and natural health care needs. Consultations are an excellent opportunity for you to learn and gain information, have your questions answered, your concerns addressed, and your needs acknowledged. We can even formulate diet plans and health care strategies together! The Holistic Canine also specialized in science-based species-appropriate custom recipes and meals plans that meet NRC and AAFCO nutrient requirements and standards for dogs and cats. We also create therapeutic plans for pets with special health care requirements. If you need a more detailed plan, a Wellness Plan may be right for you. If at any point you require a change to your recipe or meal plan, we offer an amendment service to avoid paying for a whole new recipe or plan. No matter your need, The Holistic Canine has you and your pet covered.

Services Provided

(Discounts available to service animals)

Phone Consultations


Canine & feline nutrition
Puppy care & nutrition
Condition & disease management
Natural health care
Therapeutic care

$100 for 45 minutes

$125 for 60 minutes

$150 for 75 minutes

$170 for 90 minutes

Canine NRC Recipes

Recipes and meal plans are designed specifically for your adult dog or puppy. Each recipe is customized by age, current health, ideal weight, activity level, genetics, genetic disease-predisposition (by breed and/or DNA test results), environment, family dynamic, and more.

Custom by breed / health history $95

Puppy meal plan $120

Therapeutic $150

Feline NRC Recipes

Just like our canine recipes, custom feline plans are based on the same criteria. Felines are obligate carnivores, thus a raw diet is essential for your cat’s long-term health and wellness.

Custom $70

Kitten $85

Therapeutic $150


Canine Raw Feeding Explained


Wellness Plans

If your goal or goals for your pet is/are optimal health, disease prevention, chronic disease management, pre-pregnancy to whelping care, senior health care, pain management, “hospice” care, or any other health care need, a Wellness Plan will offer you a comprehensive health care strategy.


Recipe Amendments